Procter & Gamble was born in 1837 thanks to a partnership between William Procter, English immigrant and soap manufacturer, with James Gamble, a native of Ireland and sailmaker. Although their marriage was casual as the two had married the Norris sisters, they shared the vision to meet the needs of a society in commercial setback like Cincinnati, Ohio, then.

In 1879, with the introduction of Ivory soap, made all the difference in the market serving the needs of housewives seeking a smoother, more efficient laundry product. And so comes our story, full of decisions but with a common goal: to know and respond to the needs of people creating innovative and superior products.

The Challenge: Integrating a counter toothpaste on a production line speed.

DCF developed the solution for counting the product, which was accepted and installed in February 2015. The system met the ultimate goal successfully, as well as the amount allocated to invest in the project. With this check we have the provision for expected results in any budget. DCF exceeded the expectations of the project mainly because the solution initially proposed customer was a robot costing nearly 5 times higher.


After hard work we have completed the qualification of finished product with the counting system for sampling, ratings were successful and those of platform and overall design are very happy with the work accomplished in this solution. And let me take extended congratulations I have received both plant personnel and overall staff, because despite being a complicated problem, and was successfully resolved in the best conditions. Melany Nicole Juárez Velázquez, Naucalpan Plant Engineering Scholar