Ribbon TT

Ribbon TT for film packaging and labels. 

Consumibles-03 Thermal transfer band more suitable for most of the environments where you need its performance.

Materials available:

  • Premium wax
  • Wax / resin
  • Standard resin
  • Special resins

TT print ribbon for packaging film

The ideal option for flexible packaging encoders.


  • High print clarity
  • Cost reduction
  • Reliable
  • Excellent performance (even at high speeds)
  • Variety of colors
  • Printing durability
  • Wide range of lengths
  • High efficiency even at up to 24 ips (impressions per second)

Our commitment is to provide on time shipment and a permanent existence of consumables usually required by a previously agreed inventory with your sales consultant. Ask us about this service!

Printing solutions

For bar codes, price, expiration date and batch.

impresion-03 impresion-02 impresion-01

Choose from our different formulations to obtain a print durability, even in high or low temperatures:

Wax formulation: 

  • Generally used for barcode.
  • Excellent print clarity.
  • Works over products.
  • Lifetime: Short.
  • Exposure to temperatures below 30 °.

Formulation Wax / Resin:

  • Standard durability.
  • Printability at high speed.
  • Available in 11 colors.

Resin formulation:

  • Maximum durability.
  • High resistance to chemical exposure.
  • Available in black.

More options according to your needs! Available in special dimensions that provide a range of 25 mm to 110 mm.