Wrap Around Labeler (Versions 040M / 132M and 152C)


* We are constantly seeking to improve the performance of our products, therefore all technical information is subject to changes without previous notice.

The M series meets the highest standards of quality labeling when a wrap around labeler is needed. It also combines unmatchable speed with extreme precision and optimal performance on either operations, independent or on production line.

Application made by the Herma 400 head. German origin.


  • Compact modular structure based on standard components.
  • It is suited to specific user requirements without an extra cost.
  • Friendly operation, ergonomic design, fast programming and simple format change.
  • Touchscreen for easy use.
  • Rejection unit if labeling error.

The difference between these two labelers, is that Herma 132M features a rotating star designed to work continuously with a maximum labeling of 400 products per minute. While the Herma 040M is design for extreme labeling precision, complying with 200 pieces per minute. It has the option of “twin labeling”, which achieves the option of placing two labels per product.

Both wrap around labelers are easy to operate and extremely fast. Their complementary features such as stamping, coding or warning label lost, guarantee to perform their duties properly.



Technical information