Front-Reverse Labeler

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Front-Reverse 362M

The Herma M series is the ideal option when a high performance is needed without compromising the quality demanded at the time of labeling on the front and back of a product.

Application made by the Herma 400 head. German origin.


  • Technology that combines speed with optimum precision and reliability in both or independent processes.
  • Compact modular structure based on standard components.
  • Specific requirements programmed for users without increasing investment.
  • Friendly operation, ergonomic design, short programming time and simple processes for format changes.
  • Prepares the labeling process by separating, aligning and stabilizing the product.
  • It has the option of: “product centered at the point of application of labeling”.
  • It can be equipped with the scanning system patented HERMA FS01, allowing the use of any label material.
  • Security options as code reader or control of loss labels as well as areas of rejection when defective product.
  • Options include motorized unwinding to integrate larger labels.
  • Digital display for mechanical programming.

Front-Reverse 362C

A compact but yet powerful when performing its labeling process.

Application made by the Herma 400 head. German origin.

Standard length size 1500/2000 mm or 60/80″
Standard width size 50/100 mm or 2/4″
We also have as requested custom sizes depending on the dimensions and solutions required.


  • High speed.
  • Easy to use.
  • Flexibility, since it can be reprogrammed for a more accurate labeling process.
  • Synchronized band for product stability.
  • Modular system that can be equipped with one or two applicators.
  • It has the possibility to install a printer for encoded on the same label. R
For example: packaging date.

Technical information



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