H400 – IP66 head and modules

* We are constantly seeking to improve the performance of our products, therefore all technical information is subject to changes without previous notice.

“The core piece of our labeling machines”

Compact and with a unique versatility in its class. Regardless of the setting, the basic drive unit with servomotor is always the same.

Having one unit means that there is only one risk, therefore, only one type of spare part. This also means lower costs, fulfilling its great advantage, which is, the ability to add modules that give the support to meet the desired process and increase productivity.

Thanks to its wide range of modules available, the Herma 400 label can be integrated into any production line or in a labeling machine designed for a particular process.






Universal pedestal H400

Convenient mounting options:

  • Superior
  • Inferior
  • Lateral

It has different adjustment ranges. Up to 3 axes and additional swivel function.


Winding system H400

Solid performance, high technological intelligence and minimal space requirements.

The complete system of motorized reel that wounds and unwinds the units, easily allows over 120, 000 label applications per hour. This is an ideal setting at high speeds reached by rotating machines, even adding this system, space requirements remain minimal, as only occupy 58 mm.

Superficial50 mm (2.3″) installation depth.
IntelligenceIts components are automatically adapted to the process that it taking place.
QuickRewind speed of 120 m/min (4,700″/min).

It has the possibility of using oversized reels with up to 500 mm.


  • A single program operates all components.
  • Spiral device located between the unwind unit and the applicator.
  • Label reel protection guaranteed. Free of inertia.
  • Maximum label placement accuracy, even in high production speeds.
  • Wide power options.
  • Communication between the applicator Herma 400 module and the reel system through Bluetooth increases the performance of the process.
  • Carbon fiber disc approximately 1/3 lighter, providing wound and unwind to high speed requirements in a short time.


Laser coding

This technology is the perfect solution for any business that needs to reduce their production costs and increase reliability in their process.

Quick Depending on the printing area, it is possible to print up to 200 labels per minute.
PreciseCristal print.

  • Does not require consumables
  • No need reconfiguration when different labels or forms are required.
  • Direct to the label printing.
  • Simple integration into the labeler system of Herma 400.

Provides confidence in the process with minimal maintenance services required, it also reduces them close to 0%. No need to stop the system if a ribbon rupture occurs or when the consumables are being changed. You can integrate the encoder to any production line, and has the option to add a vision systems for traceability of the process.


  • Available for regular paper and aluminum cover.
  • High resistance.
  • Adhesive available for a wide range of surfaces.
  • CO2 Laser Marking track.


  • Marked accurate and fast.
  • Marked without touching the product.
  • Simple operation.
  • Process with high security.
  • High contrast and sharpness.
  • No need consumables.
  • Economic.


Recommended for marking applications:

  • Packaging.
  • Boarding.
  • Lot, expiration date.
  • Barcodes.
  • Organization.

H400-01 H400-02