Inferior – Superior Labeler

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Solution that completes the process of lower and upper labeling in one step.

Application made by the Herma 400 head. German origin.

Standard size long: 1500/2000 mm or 60/80″
Standard size width: 50/100/250 mm or 2/4/10″
Custom sizes as requested dimensions and solutions.


  • High efficiency labeling by combining 452C top and 552C bottom labeler.
  • Ensures optimum productivity and flexibility.
  • Upper and lower labeling in one process.
  • The 652C labeler has the possibility of being use only for top or bottom labeling.


Inferior superior-01

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Inferior superior


  • Mounting bracket for printhead (encoder: thermal transfer, inkjet and laser)
  • Inspection system rejection.

Inferior superior-03 Inferior superior-04