Warranty Seal Labeler


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Solution fully developed by DCF for products that require a seal to demonstrate any alteration in the packaging.

This application is used primarily in folding carton boxes utilizing labels with normal or security adhesive. This label is applied on both sides and folded box 90º, facilitating the identification of a product violated.

Application made by the Herma 400 head. German origin.


  • Modular design with millimeter settings.
  • High speed (modular servo) and precision (+/- 0.2 mm).
  • Ensures the perfect application of the seal thanks to its 3 presser modules.
  • Powerful design that works 24/7.
  • Speed control.
  • Applicator control integrated with touchscreen.
  • Sensor for transparent labels.
  • Designed for easy and secure reel assembly.
  • Inputs and outputs I / O.
  • Machine made of stainless steel type 304.
  • Visual and audible alarm.


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Technical Information





  • Mounting bracket for printhead (encoder: thermal transfer, inkjet and laser)
  • Inspection system rejection.

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