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The labeler VFFS and HFFS is the best choice for vertical and horizontal application on flexible packaging.

Application made by the Herma 400 head. German origin.

This labeling head with its servo controller integrated eliminates the need for external control box and the use of excessive wire. The applicator and sub assemblies are mounted in a way that it gives the impression that the labeling head is part of the main machine.

The labeling speed is synchronized exactly to the process that is carried out to achieve and accurate label placement despite the varying speed labeling.

The control screen allows easy and comfortable setting in the configuration of the label, and thanks to the new APP Herma, all touch devices can easily be used as an external display, getting more comfortable, flexible and efficient system.

The labeling system VFFS – HFFS is characterized by:

  • Flexibility.
  • Easy operation.
  • Simple installation.
  • Ultra compact design.
  • It has mounting racks that helps the integration to any process.
  • Vertical reel holder available for convenient implementation.
  • Servo controlled.



  • Applicator controller integrated.
  • Control panel easy to use.
  • Automatic synchronization of labeling with the speed of the product.
  • Unwinding unit that offers more consistent tension to your packaging film.
  • Wide variety of modules that can be add to the conventional system, such as pedestals, label sensors, printing and setoff units.
  • Left or right handed options for operational staff and versions for vertical, horizontal o suspended operation. Also with an option to increase its width from 80 mm / 3″ to 320 mm / 12″ operation.
  • PLC connection.
  • IP66.
  • Labeling patented sensor that detects clear labels.
  • Integrates most popular encoders.


Flexible packaging: Snacks, Cookie, Candy, Lollypop


Technical Information